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Wolff tanning lamps, tanning bulbs

Tanning bulbs by Wolff

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While studying the positive effects of ultraviolet light on Wolff System provides the light for your indoor tans.athletes, German scientist Friedrich Wolff noticed an interesting side effect: tanned skin.   Realizing the appeal of a beautiful tan, "the father of indoor tanning" founded the indoor tanning industry and, in 1978, brought his European technology to the United States.  Originally located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, today Wolff System's North American headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Accelerator VS-R

This lamp is specifically designed to increase the formation of pigment (melanin) and oxidize (brown) it.

Speed 175

Custom-blended Speed lamps use a proprietary phosphor blend for the darkest, most golden tan possible. Certified photo spectometry technology and an exclusive, state-of-the-art life testing lab ensure that your clients get the MAXIMUM tan possible per session. Electrical tanning engineering specialists designed these lamps to use only customized blends of UVA and UVB tanning energy.

Mega Voltage

The industry's only dual-tone (pink and blue) tanning lamps that place more dark tanning UVBpower directly on the face, these lamps are specially designed to not only provide a beautiful facial tan, but an all-over dark body tan, too.


This professional tanning lamp proportionately increases the amounts of UVA emitted, to help darken the pigment granules more quickly without increasing the risks of erythema (redness) in the skin. This increases vitality, pigment formation and oxidation of the melanin.

Diamond Suns

Wolff system Diamond Sun S tanning bulb.
Wolff tanning lamps for todays advanced tanner.
    As we enter the new millennium, Wolff System brings the concept of indoor tanning to unprecedented levels.  Wolff System listens to salons and combines their preferences with the latest in lamp technology and decades of experience, creating products that appeal to both the tanner and salon operator.   "It all starts with the phosphor," says a Wolff System lamp designer.   "We have been working with lamp technology for years and one thing we have learned is that phosphor design is the key element in determining a lamp's performance.   Wolff System has a decided advantage in that area.''

Wolff System's Pallete of Colors

Not only do Wolff System lamps help create rich, beautiful tans, we also provide the perfect assortment of lamps that allow you to offer effective, enjoyable tanning experiences.  Let us help you organize your salon with the right complement of lamps for the first time tanning novice to the most seasoned tanning enthusiast.  We want to put our expertise and knowledge to work for you.

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wolff tanning bed lamps

original ETS, sunquest, EQ Lamp

Proprietary system

F-71 pin tanning lamp

F-72 pin tanning lamp

F-75 pin tanning lamp

F-59 pin tanning lamp

F-72 pin tanning lamp

Blue tanning lamp

Pink tanning lamp

Reflector tanning lamp

Two Tone Face tanning lamp


SPEED 225R o


o o o o
SPEED 205 o o o o o 3
SPEED 175 o o o o o 2
Velocity o o o o o o o o 5,6,7,8
Accelerator o o o o o o o 4,6,8
Diamond Sun S o o o o o o o 4,5,7,8
Mega Voltage o o o o o o 4,6
Bellarium o o o o o 4,5,6


UV Lamps by Wolff.