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It's Electric
Breeze Products now offers Electric Beach, a step 7 antioxidant intensifier that, according to the company, contains vitamins A, C and E as well as aloe vera gel and amino acids, making skin soft and vibrant looking. The company says the product contains nine essential oils for healthy glow and long lasting results.

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Moisturization: An Essential To Tanning
Your skin is gasping for moisture like a flower in the desert. All winter, the elements have taken their toll. For at least three months the dry winter wind has sucked moisture from the delicate skin surface, while the cold temperatures blocked the production of natural oils and emollients. Your client's skin is dry to the touch and tight in appearance. You must come to the rescue with a good moisturizer.
Au-Fire, the ultimate skin-tingling formula for the DEEP golden tan.
Black gold tanning lotions.
Enjoy the ultimate tanning sensation as Chill Out delivers therapeutic nourishment to your skin with powerful tanning amino acids, vitamins, moisturizers and MSM.

AU Fire Tanning LotionBlack Gold Chill Out Tanning Lotion

Aloe Gold
Product news and information.
JA Introduces Limited Edition Private Reserve
A number of years ago, John Abaté developed an exclusive blend of the costliest select botanical extracts and advanced ingredients to form his own personal formula for accelerated tanning and luxurious skincare. An experienced virtuoso at formulating accelerators, Abaté formulated this lotion for himself and has only shared it with close friends and associates--until now.
John Abate International tanning lotion, Private reserve tanning lotion.

Florida Tan tanning lotion
Channel Your Tan
The ultimate for skin circulation with natural capsicum, FloridaTan's Channels of Fire II helps stimulate melanin production with special bronzing agents. According to the company, the lotion has self-tanners that produce a faint amount of color without leaving orange stains all over the towels and the tanner. With a pleasant tangerine/citrus scent, Channels of Fire II is 98-percent natural and contains extract from a chili pepper plant to create natural capsicum--for short-term reddening and oxygenation of the skin.

John Abate, cote d azur tanning lotions.

Take a Trip to the Côte d'Azur
John Abaté International introduces Côte d'Azur, a new indoor tanning and beauty line that accelerates tanning while indulging the senses. According to the company, the line's tanning acclerators--Créme Brülée, Chocolait et Framboises and Mango Flambé--are formulated with JA's exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex. Working from beginning to experienced tanner, the Côte D'Azur line holds something for everyone. In addition, there is Créme de Pîche Moisturizing Emulsion to awaken the senses with the essence of Mediterranean Peach.

coco beach tanning lotion and coco beach hot tanning lotion by Supre.
Go Coocoo for Coco
Supre introduces a completely repackaged and reformulated Skin System as well as a new Colour family of shimmering products and Coco Beach Gold, an addition to the popular Coco Beach line. Skin Systems now offers special skin softening moisturizers while the Colour family elevates a skin's natural radiant color for soft, subtle skin and a deep, dark tan, says the company. Coco Beach Gold brings a premium maximizer to the Coco Beach line and is available in regular and Hot formulations.

Playboy sun tanning lotion.
The Bunny Has It
Using advanced systems of Oxygenated Vitamicro Liposome Technology, Playboy Sun's Sunsual Salon Lotion Phase 3 delivers some of the most sophisticated salon tanning products available on the consumer market. Using a patented delivery system, vitamins are introduced to the skin then released at a sub-cellular level to yield maximum results, says the company, with a tingle built in as well. Tanners across the globe will recognize the Playboy name and know they are being treated to the very best salons have to offer.

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Indoor tanning is maturing. Once a past time of the "rich and famous," indoor tanning has been recognized as a viable industry and is now moving into global expansion. Europe is embracing American lotions, America is embracing European technology and South America and Canada are embracing them both. Aloe Gold. Electrify your tan with Max-10X heat lotion. A fusion of hot ingredients and natural extracts. Max-10X heat lotion provides a tingling sensation while moisturizing your skin. Make 10X heat lotion a part of your tanning program.
This product is extremely hot. Recommended for advanced tanners only.
Priced at $11.90

Aloe Gold max tanning lotion.

Tanning Lotions and creams.