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Facial Moisturizers.

Moisturizers and skin treatments.

Helioderm's exclusive Heliotherapy formula has been scientifically designed to help provide your skin with luxurious moisturization. Formulated for virtually every skin type. Ultra-rich skin care extracts help supply your skin with precious nutrients lost to the environment and the sun.

Price 32 oz $17.00

Helioderm's exclusive Heliotherapy formula.
World famous Body Drench. This original formula is still the unquestioned favorite among the clientele of elite salons, clubs and spas, and among people who tan. Provides essential moisture and locks it in for a long-lasting dewy glow year-round. Glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly without residue. Very lightly fragranced. 9 oz

Priced from $9.00

World famous Body Drench moisturizing lotion.
Tan Extender by Caribbean Gold, Biosine Complex® formulation is weightless and glides on the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized. Drenches skin with a potent amount of moisturizing and skin-protecting vitamin E and natural soothing aloe. Moisture-rich formula is perfect for enhancing and maintaining a tan.
Price 8.5 oz $9.25

Tan Extender by Caribbean Gold.
When planning your skincare regime consider your lifestyle. In addition to determining whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, examine your workout habits, diet, stress level and environment as they are all variables in your skincare equation. The basic rule of thumb: Nourish your skin with high-quality moisturizers and replenishers and your skin will reward you with a flawless, soft and healthy glow. In order to complete this skincare picture, remember to drink at least eight glasses (or 1 gallon) of waterá daily. This not only rehydrates tired and stress-out skin, but it also clears up facial blemishes and helps shed unwanted pounds. So drink up and reap the benefits. The next thing to consider is to become more educated about your skin and familiarize yourself with the products available to help you achieve your desired look. Whether you purchase your moisturizers from your favorite tanning salon, department store or drug store, there are countless products on the market ideal for any skin type.

Skin care moisture.

SynergyTan moisturizer.

SynergyTan. Discover beautiful, soft and radiant skin. Our riches and most moisturizing lotion ever quenches your skin's thirst and extends the life of your tan. Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes. Vitamins A, C, & E nourishes and protects. African Shea Butter seals in moisture, providing long-lasting hydration.

Price 8.5 oz á $9.80

Raindrops moisturizer.

Raindrops. Our unique blend of Botanicals, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, humectants, and anti-oxidants help repair, replenish and protect the dermal layer. Pycnogenol, nature's strongest antioxidant, works together with Vitamins A, C, and E and Alpha Hydroxy Acids to remove dry and damaged skin cells and renew skin. Aloe Vera Based

Price 8 ozá $9.80

Designer Skin's Moisturizing Extender.

Designer Skin's Moisturizing Extender, Enriched with Vitamin E, and other phyto-nutrients improving the performance of L-Tyrosine, aloe-based skin therapy to provide superior hydration.

Information on Designer Skin's Moisturizing Extender.

Price 8 ozá $Sold Out

HP 2000's High Performance Moisturizing Lotion.

HP 2000's High Performance Moisturizing Lotion with it's deep penetrating formula restores the skin's natural moisture balance leaving your skin healthy and silky smooth. Get the ultimate skin care experience while this Light Alpha Hydroxy Formula smooths your skin with vitamins A,C and E to protect against oxidation and damaging free radicals. HP 2000's High Performance Moisturizing Lotion contains Pure Aloe Vera and natural extracts to heal, soften and nourish your skin.

Price 8 ozá $11.25

MoistureLock Tan Extender by Australian Gold.

MoistureLock Tan Extender by Australian Gold For the Tan That Lasts Help restore and maintain your skin's natural moisture balance. Everything you look for in a quality moisturizer.

Price 16 ozá $12.80


Moisturizing lotions.

Facial care by John Abate and Australian Gold.

Australian Gold
John Abate
Skin Care by Australian Gold, John Abate, Raindrops.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
John Abate
Hair care by Australian Gold.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
Hand Soaps and antibacterial scrubs.
Moisturizing skin system from Supre.
Supre' skin system
Shower Gels by Body Drench, John Abate, Raindrops and Supre.
Body Drench
John Abate

Jan Tana

Body Drench Overexposure with aloe. Body Drench Overexposure Treatment - 97% pure Aloe Vera plus Vitamin E and Panthenol moisturizers, cools, and soothes overexposed skin. Also helpful for household burns.
Price 8 oz á $Sold Out


BreeZe, Reward yourself daily with as fine a moisturizer as you will ever experience. This product will rejuvenate your skin to a smooth silky level you will savor every day.

BreeZe  moisturizer.

Price 8 ozá $9.50

aloelotionft.gif (2428 bytes)
Guaranteed to be the best moisturizing lotion you will ever use. Natural formula with Aloe and Rose Hips Oil ... the key to maintaining healthy skin and a great tan. The Rosehip Aloe is one of the finest
Florida Tan products. The aloe cream stimulates the healing process and helps the tanning process while Rose Hips oil is unsurpassed in rejuvenating the skin. Rose Hips oil is important in all Florida Tan products and it is tagged as the most important skin discovery in decades. Rose Hips has been proven in clinical studies in Europe to reverse wrinkles, help heal scar tissue and other skin disorders. Rosehip Aloe should be used everyday as a rehydrating lotion to keep skin moist and young.
Price 8 ozá $11.80

Bath and body moisturizers from tanningmart.com