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Spa Candles.

Bath Candle's
TanningMart's unique aromatherapy Spa Candle. These attractive gel candles come in three unique styles: 3.5 oz. Votive, 5.5 oz. Large cylinders and 7.5 oz. Squares. Candles burn from 40-60 hours.

3.5 oz Votive

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5.5 oz Large

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7.5 oz Square

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Day Spa Gift Pack TURN YOUR HOME SPA INTO A DAY SPA with TanningMart's Day Spa Gift Pack. This great Gift Pack comes with: Bottle of After Spa Hand & Body Lotion, a bottle of After Spa Body Mist, a votive Spa Candle, a exfoliating Loofah sponge, a 11 oz. jar of TanningMart's Spa Pearls and a 9 oz. bottle of Spa & Bath Fragrance. All this in an attractive vinyl tote bag. Comes in Cucumber Melon, Rain and Vanilla Twist.

Bath Fragrances and Bath Lotions.

Choose the gift pack that's right for you.
Priced at $21.00

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Body Mist Spray.

Revitalize and excite tired and dry skin with TanningMart's After Spa Body Mist Hydrant. Specially formulated to lift your spirits after a warm soaking in the spa or bath. The alcohol free herbal body mist contains extracts to soften skin while reversing the affects of spa chemicals and hot water soaking.
Priced at † 9.oz $8.80

Purchase Body Mist.

Rich, smooth fragrance free Spa and Bath skin softening moisturizer, a great compliment to inSPArationís moisturizing fragrance line. Can be used with or without inSPArationís fragrances. Sold in 9 oz. bottles
Priced at† 1/2.oz $.99

Priced at† 9.oz $5.75

Bath moisturizer.

Insparation bath fragrance. InSPAration, the nations leading fragrance, for† Baths and spa's has been manufacturing fragrances since 1978. Our unique fragrance blends are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing "Aromatherapy" experience. Our large variety of fragrances masks chemical odors and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized. Tested by Dupont, Aristech and other leading acrylic manufactures.
InSPAration is proven to be safe for all Spa, and Whirlpool Bath surfaces. inSPAration will not cause foaming or affect water chemistry, contains no alcohol and is water-soluble. At inSPAration, we are determined to maintain quality and innovation in our product line, using only the finest fragrances and fragrance blends to produce the most unique and and enjoyable Spa, and Whirlpool Bath experience. With inSPAration's skin softening emollients you can feel the smoothness caressing your body and leaving the light scent of your favorite fragrance. Formulated especially for hydrotherapy use, inSPAration has become the Nation's leading fragrance, guaranteed not to harm any jets, motors, surfaces or leave any gummy residue. inSPAration has the largest selection of fine fragrances to ensure you we have your favorite Aromatherapy blend. 9 ounce bottles are sold in all twenty-four of inSPArationís fabulous aromatherapy blends. Just add a few capfuls into your bath or spa for that ultimate hot water enjoyment.

Priced at † 9.oz $5.75

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Spa Pearls
TanningMart's Spa Pearls are a specially formulated Spa & Bath Crystal that will enhance the Home Spa Experience. These crystals are rich with emollients that will soothe and relax tired muscles with minerals and body softeners. Available in Amaretto, Freesia and Kiwi.
Priced at $7.90

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Spa pearls bath fragrances.

Supre Aromabody.

Aromabody by Supre.

Information on Aromabody by Supre.

Aromabody by Supre. 9oz. or 32.oz Body Wash. Supre aroma therapy bath and shower gels provide the ultimate sensory skin cleansing experience and help preserve the life of your tan. Natural essential oils heighten your sense of feeling relaxed, energized, sensual, and refreshed. Botanical Moisturizing Complex and Vitamin E help restore moisture content of your skin during every shower or bath. Available in four scents, starting at† $9.99

Fragrance & Lotions

Fragrances, bath lotions and body scrubs.

Facial care by John Abate and Australian Gold.

Australian Gold
John Abate
Skin Care by Australian Gold, John Abate, Raindrops.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
John Abate
Hair care by Australian Gold.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
Hand Soaps and antibacterial scrubs.
Shower Gels by Body Drench, John Abate, Raindrops and Supre.
Body Drench
John Abate

Jan Tana

Hand and body lotions. After bath Hand & Body Lotion.
Rejuvenate and soften dry skin with TanningMart's After bath Hand and Body Lotion. Specially formulated to reverse the effects of harsh pool chemicals and hot water dryness.

Enriched with Australian Tea Tree Oil to heal and restore the skins natural beauty and texture. Non greasy herbal extracts and emollients penetrate deep into the skin creating a rich smooth silky feel. Available in Cucumber Melon, Rain and Vanilla Twist.

9.oz $8.80

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Bath and body from