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facial apricot scrubs. Good skin starts with daily cleansing and exfoliating scrubs. Australian Gold's apricot scrub assists your skin's natural renewal process by gently exfoliating and lifting dead skin cells, dirt and oil from the surface and washing away other surface impurities to help clarify complexion. Helps reveal new, younger-looking skin.

body wash and facial scrubs.

Soothing SunHemp Comfort your skin with Soothing SunHemp, a rewarding body treatment with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids found in nature. Infused with a harmonious blend of plant extracts, this quick-penetrating non-greasy formula utilizes VITATAN PLUS with Ty-Rol to help maximize and extend the life of your tan. Blended with a hint of tint to darken and even out skin tone, this soothing complex with chamomile, valerian and St. John's Wort, calms the skin and senses.
Hemp Seed Oil is Drug Free 12.oz $.00

Purchase Sun Hemp.

Freeze gel, Calm Sunburn Pain. 8 .oz
Lidocaine helps reduce the pain and discomfort of sunburn (not available in spray formula).
Moisturizers and extracts to soothe and heal.
Store in the refrigerator for added cooling power!
Gel 8.oz $10.90

Spray $10.90

Australian Gold freeze gel.

Want beautiful skin? When planning your skincare regime consider your lifestyle. In addition to determining whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, examine your workout habits, diet, stress level and environment as they are all variables in your skincare equation. The basic rule of thumb: Nourish and replenish your skin with high-quality moisturizers and your skin will reward you with a flawless, soft and healthy glow. In order to complete this skincare picture, remember to drink at least eight glasses (or 1 gallon) of water 
daily. This not only re-hydrates tired and stress-out skin, but it also clears up facial blemishes and helps shed unwanted pounds. So drink up and reap the benefits. The next thing to consider is to become more educated about your skin and familiarize yourself with the products available to help you achieve your desired look. Whether you purchase your moisturizers from your favorite tanning salon, department store or drug store, there are countless products on the market ideal for any skin type.
Hydrating Body Wash by Body Drench. 8oz. or 19oz. A luxurious body wash and shower gel that gently hydrates and scents the skin while cleansing. Cleans and conditions with rich emollients to leave skin supple and refreshed. Choose fragrance: Morning Meadow, Gentle Rain, Mountain Breeze. starting at $8.00

Hydrating Body Wash by Body Drench.

Information on Hydrating Body Wash by Body Drench

Supre Aromabody.
Aromabody by Supre.

Information on Aromabody by Supre.
Aromabody by Supre. 9oz. or 32.oz Body Wash. Supre aroma therapy bath and shower gels provide the ultimate sensory skin cleansing experience and help preserve the life of your tan. Natural essential oils heighten your sense of feeling relaxed, energized, sensual, and refreshed. Botanical Moisturizing Complex and Vitamin E help restore moisture content of your skin during every shower or bath. Available in four scents, starting at  $10.00

Bath & Body

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Facial care by John Abate and Australian Gold.

Australian Gold
John Abate
Skin Care by Australian Gold, John Abate, Raindrops.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
John Abate
Hair care by Australian Gold.
Australian Gold
Body Drench
Hand Soaps and antibacterial scrubs.
Shower Gels by Body Drench, John Abate, Raindrops and Supre.
Body Drench
John Abate

Jan Tana

Skin care and facial scrubs.

Jan Tana Hair Remover is the choice of fitness competitors, bodybuilders, and people worldwide who want a quick, effective way to remove unwanted hair. Hair Remover eliminates razor burn, cuts, bumps

Jan Tana Hair Remover.

from shaving and painful waxing!

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